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Operations Engineer @ Lastline

Hi everybody,

we are looking for a skilled Debian/Ubuntu and network administrator that would help us build and run a new European datacenter from the ground up.

We (www.lastline.com) are a fast growing California-based start-up (3+ years) in the computer security / malware analysis field.
More details about the position follow.

Feel free to follow up with me if you are interested or have more questions!


Job Description:
Expert network and system operation engineer, interested in sharing significant responsibilities in the deployment and day-to-day operations of a large-scale distributed malware analysis system across multiple continents. Must be motivated to learn new technologies and help shape company operations.

Job Responsibilities:
- manage a large-scale, private-cloud based infrastructure that supports the analysis of malware
- manage the deployment of network security monitoring systems
- shared on-call responsibility
- physical labor in datacenter for server deployment (must be able to lift 25kg/50lbs)

Required skills:
- Linux system administration (Debian/Ubuntu preferred)
- network administration (Cisco preferred)
- configuration management systems (puppet preferred)
- scripting skills (python and bash required)
- network services administration (apache, nginx, uwsgi, haproxy)
- experience with source code revision control systems (Git preferred)

Desirable skills:
- familiarity with queuing systems (rabbitmq, zeromq)
- host monitoring systems management (nagios-like)
- network service configuration (DNS/DHCP/MTA)
- familiarity with datacenter deployment

Job locations:
- Europe (working from the Lastline London office preferred)
- US (working from the Santa Barbara office preferred)

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