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Linux System Administrator - Berlin, Germany

Linux System Administrator position in Berlin.

Job Description

 KDAB (Deutschland) GmbH & Co.KG, a KDAB Group company, has an immediate 
opening available for a Senior Linux System Administrator in our office in 
Berlin, Germany. You will be working with the sysadmin team to maintain and 
expand our global infrastructure to support our software developers in the 
best possible way. You will be responsible for the local IT in the KDAB Berlin 
office. Our infrastructure is mostly Linux based, but since we develop cross 
platform software, you will be exposed to Windows, OSX, QNX, *BSD and other 
systems too. Every day is an opportunity to learn something new.

About You

You should:

* Have strong Linux sysadmin skills
* Be self motivated
* Be independent
* Be responsible
* Have good written and spoken English
* Know your way around Windows and OSX too

We use a diverse collection of software, experience with a number of them is 
an advantage:

* Virtualization (KVM/libvirt)
* Git/Gitolite
* Gerrit
* Subversion
* Atlassian tools (Jira, Confluence etc)
* BuildBot
* Apache
* Kolab (OpenLDAP/389 Directory Server, Postfix, Cyrus IMAPd,...)
* Fabric
* Scripting (Shell, Python, Perl, ...)

About the KDAB Group

We are a modern software development company and a leading provider of 
professional services around Qt. We have offices in Sweden, Germany, UK, US and 
France and employees from most parts of the world. Many of those work from 
home, so good IT infrastructure with secure remote access is important to 

Please visit http://www.kdab.com for more information about the company and 
its people.

If you think this description fits you, please send your CV with any other 
relevant documentation to careers@kdab.com. We're looking forward to hearing 
from you!

Thank you,
Steffen Hansen | steffen.hansen@kdab.com | Director, Products and IT
Klarälvdalens Datakonsult AB, a KDAB Group company
Tel. Sweden (HQ) +46-563-540090, USA +1-866-777-KDAB(5322)
KDAB - Qt Experts - Platform-independent software solutions

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