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Web System Administrator

H-ART, a Digital Communication Agency, is looking for a Web System Administrator, with experience and great passion for technology, always up-to-date on new trends and solutions. 

If you want to join a really special team and you think you fit this description, send us your application at this url: 

In this position, your main task will be to design production environments for Web projects that guarantee the highest levels of availability, stability and performance, even when traffic peaks are high. The Web System Administrator will cooperate with the development teams, interact with hosting services suppliers (especially in the enquiry / activation stage of the service and for its supervision), and take part in problem determination activities in the event of malfunctioning. Additional duties will include managing hardware and services for internal use (On-premises and SaaS). 
The applicant will become part of our technical team alongside a senior systems engineer. 
The key qualities required in the person we are looking for are proactivity, precision, analytical skills, problem solving and multitasking. 
At least one year’s experience is required in a similar position at a digital communication agency or hosting services supplier. 
Technical skills required:- a knowledge of advanced concepts of architectural design (HA, clustering, scalability)
- ability to install, configure and maintain a LAMP environment (Debian GNU/Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)
- a knowledge of basic networking concepts (including DHCP, DNS, Firewall and VPN)
- use and management of at least one versioning system (SVN, Git)
- use and management of at least one virtualization platform (VMware, Parallels, VirtualBox)
- use and management of Apple hardware and software (at least 2 years)
- use and management of Linux operating systems (at least 2 years)
- use and management of Microsoft operating systems (basic knowledge)
- a knowledge of a productivity suite (Apple iWork or Microsoft Office)
- use and management of Google Apps for Business
Additional skills preferred:- a knowledge of Adobe CS suite
- a knowledge of at least one web programming language (PHP, Ruby, Python)
- a knowledge of Nginx, PostgreSQL, Redis and MongoDB
- a knowledge of Amazon AWS
- Fleet management for iOS & Android devices (MDM)
- a knowledge of automation tools and configuration management (Puppet, Chef)

Thank you all!

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