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network admin offer for Frankfurt/Main Germany

Senior Network Administrator Job Description

1. Overview

The Network Administrator will be a key member of the IT team and report to the Director of IT. It is a hands-on technical position focusing on the support and maintenance of the network infrastructure, server hardware/software setup and maintenance. Police clearance certificate will be required as part of the infrastructure is considered high
The Job is based in Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

2. Key responsibilities

The network administrator’s primary responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

- setup and maintenance of firewall systems (FreeBSDs pf, Linux iptables), security is of particular importance - setup and maintainance of VPN systems from and to our customers/service providers - in general evaluate, implement and document new/improved solutions to the changing requirements of the company
(like backup strategies, high availability/fallback solutions etc)
- setup, maintenance of servers (OS: Debian) for different purposes like webservers (apache, nginx), database
(postgres, mysql) and application servers (python)
- designing/maintaining network infrastructure in complex and heterogeneous environments - planning/executing of hardware/network upgrades, emphasizing consolidation of services while maintaining a high
resource availability.

3. Secondary responsibilities

- system monitoring (nagios, munin)
- communication with hardware suppliers, purchase of appropriate hardware
- in rare cases provide support to customers/business partners
- establishing and maintaining a good working relationship with business units and 3rd party suppliers

4. Key Objectives

In terms of innovation:
Change and innovation are regular activities within IT. An IT department will continually change the services it provides to better meet the requirements of the company and its customers. The Network Administrator, as a valued member of the IT Team, is expected to make suggestions to improve the IT services offered.

In terms of service:
The Network Administrator will:
- React to issues in a controlled and professional manner.
- Be discreet when around, or have access to, sensitive information.
- Ensure documentation is produced in a timely and accurate manner.
- Apply logical thinking and patience to derive solutions to problems.
- Accept responsibility for delivering a high standard of work.
- Work continuously on a task until completion or referral to third parties (where appropriate).
- Set realistic expectations with users and then meet them.

5. Required technical and personal Skills

- at least 5 years of professional experience in the network/server administration field in general
- very good knowledge and experience of Debian system administration
- good knowledge and experience of FreeBSDs packet filter firewall
- knowledge of at least one configuration management system (chef, puppet etc)
- fluent knowledge of English language
- good relational skills and flexibility
- team working ability
- stress resistancy

6. Optional Skills

- experience in setup/maintenance of DNS (bind), LDAP(openldap), Webservers(Apache, Nginx), Databases (Postgresql,
MySQL), mailserver (postfix), POP3/IMAP Servers (dovecot)
- knowledge of a scripting language (python, perl, sh, python preferred) for automation/customization
- experience maintaining a CA hierarchy (openssl)

7. Company Description

Ypsilon.NET AG is a leading provider of tourist booking engines. We also offer Fraud detection and prevention services, comprehensive solutions to make other companies PCI-DSS compliant, and we are a PCI-DSS level 1 certified payment service provider. We have offices in Germany, England and Poland, our headquarter is in
Frankfurt/Main, Germany.
Patrick Coulomb +49 6109 505135 Email: pc@ypsilon.net or
Andreas Pfotenhauer, Email: pfote@ypsilon.net

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