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Linux (Debian) System Administrator, Western seaboard USA, Retainer

Code Enigma are a small Drupal-specialist website development company with a strong reputation in the Drupal community, particularly in Europe, for high quality development projects, consultancy, training and other activities relating to Drupal and other open source software.

We are growing our support and hosting business and now provide 24/7/365 server management. All of our infrastructure is based on Debian, we use Puppet to manage servers and software, have advanced monitoring systems like Nagios and Munin in place, use LDAP extensively for SSO and managing client and company users, etc. etc. Everything we do is with FOSS.

To fill a gap in our timezone coverage, we are seeking to hire a freelance system administrator on the western seaboard of the USA. We currently have system administrators in Australia and the UK, who between them pick up on out-of-hours calls in this timezone, but this is less than ideal - we would like to find someone (or some company) in the USA prepared to work on a retainer (rates and hours negotiable) to cover normal working hours PDT (CDT also considered, but PDT is ideal). We need someone who:

* Is an experienced Linux (preferably Debian) administrator
* Freelance and set up to work for themselves and invoice us
* At least familiar with Puppet, Nagios, Libcloud API, MySQL, Nginx, Memcached, Apache Solr and Varnish
* Willing to cover weekends and public holidays (rate negotiable)

You will have:

* A contract providing a fixed monthly income (depending on the number of hours you want to commit)
* Agreed rates for additional time spent above the agreed retainer hours
* Agreed rates for out of hours support and emergency response on weekends and holidays, over and above the monthly retainer
* Monthly billing schedule, invoices paid within 30 days of receipt

This is an ideal opportunity for a freelance system administrator or a small company looking for some baseline recurring revenue to provide stability.

If you are interested, please contact us at hostingjobs@codeenigma.com

Please note, if you are not in the USA and able to legally invoice us as an American corporate entity, or you are not in the PDT timezone (CDT acceptable at a push) then you need not apply.

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