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Looking for a Python programmer skilled in system programming

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(please CC: me, I'm not subscribed to debian-jobs)

on behalf of the company I'm working for, I'm looking for a Python
programmer interested to assist me and our team for upcoming and
ongoing tasks. I'm primarily searching people who are experienced
system administrators and have notable experience in Python or vice

Task description
- ----------------

You would join an existing cloud virtualization software engineering
project, whose purpose is to provide an easy to use cloud management
shell (e.g. similar to ganeti [1]) to interface with Xen virtual
machine monitors and related network services (NBD, iSCSI, network
core infrastructure) based and built around a Debian software stack.

We're not selling a product, we're selling service. Thus, your job is
to extend and maintain our own interfaces in an existing Debian based
cloud environment. Moreover, we're administrating this environment and
virtual machines within. Hence, having skills as a system
administrator is appreciated. We're mostly dealing with Linux based
services built around the LAMP stack with some occasional DNS and
mail-server mix-ins. If you are consider applying for a full-time job
(see below) some system administration skills and good knowledge of
Debian and Debian specific tools are required.

Job description
- ---------------

It all depends on your availability. We accept anything from part-time
worker over students to full-time jobs and any combination in between.
For the latter, system administration skills are mandatory though. In
the long term you might spend more work as a system administrator, not
as programmer. If you apply for a part-time job, you can, but you
don't need to work as a system/network administrator, too.

Our company has an office in Fürth (near Nürnberg) in Germany and
three home-office workers in Berlin, Germany. You would preferably
work in the Fürth based office, or live in Berlin (as I do, who is
responsible for the cloud in particular). You should, but you don't
need to speak German, English is mandatory though. That said please
keep in mind, most of our customers and your possible co-workers would
speak German as native language.

- --------------

We do not make any preconditions on degrees or particular
qualifications. We hire people as we see they fit. However, we may
test your skills. Nonetheless we have some requirements and I already
was outlining some of them. To summarize, once again: I require you to
be skilled in Python and to be familiar with system programming tasks
(network interfaces, abstracting existing software interfaces, writing
command wrappers). Moreover, you need to know about Debian/Linux
command line interfaces (no Windows, thanks). You know how to set-up
computer networks, you are familiar with common Linux commands.
Ideally you're a Debian Developer who maintains some useful(tm)
packages we use, too. You should have used Xen and ideally heard about
NBD, iSCSI, NFS and other network stuff.

If you apply for a full-time job we require you to be familiar with
popular Internet related services such as Apache (nginx, lighttpd),
MySQL, Memcache, PowerDNS, Varnish, OpenVPN, OpenSSH and such. The
more, the better - but you don't need to know all of them already of

In any case you must be willing to learn things you don't know yet (or
pretend to know already while being able to google very fast). You
need to be able to solve problems independently but still be a

You must speak English or German fluently, ideally with advanced
knowledges in both languages. While you don't need to speak German,
you do need to be citizen of the European Union or have permission to
stay for an unlimited time in Germany/within the EU.

- ------

Subject of negotiation. But not with me, I'm employed myself. Talk to
my boss for that.

About us
- --------

We're a smallish IT service provider [2] who offers enterprise
customers tailored hosting/housing solutions, system administration,
maintenance and consulting. We're mostly administrating WAN services
on behalf of our customers. We're also, but not primarily a hoster
although that's a growing segment and the area you'd be working on.

We're a young team of ~ 15 people located in Fürth and Berlin, Germany.

- --------

You could start as soon as possible. In fact, I'm desperately needing

[1] http://code.google.com/p/ganeti/
[2] https://www.wavecon.de/
- -- 
mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Arno Töll, BSc.
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