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Debian repository freelance administrator

Title : Debian repository freelance administrator
Location : 33 avenue Léon Gambetta, 92120 Montrouge (Ile de France)

Substantiel is a small, young and fast growing company. Since 2005, we target all computer beginners willing to use a computer in a simple way.

Therefore, we created ORDISSIMO (www.ordissimo.com), a very simple-to-use Linux distribution, developed from Debian, using Enlightenment as main framework (Enlightenment Foundation Libraries EFL www.enlightenment.org), and also other free software, as thunderbird, xulrunner, openoffice, xine...

We are searching for an expert of debian repositories, who could help us set up multi-arch debian repositories, containing sources and binaries of packages, with tools and scripts to manage theses repositories.

Please send your CV in PDF at emploi@substantiel.fr

Substantiel - Ordissimo
Directeur technique
email : emploi@substantiel.fr
33, avenue Léon Gambetta, 92120 Montrouge

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