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Python/Django Debian packages freelance hire offer

Hi folks,

We are looking to hire a freelance contractor to build the Debian packages for
python-hipay [1] and webfinance-front-office [2], both released as free

Packages should be uploaded into the official sid and squeeze-backports
distributions, I can sponsor the upload if needed.

Webfinance might have some missing dependencies, those packages need to be done
too. A simple unit tests run [3] should raise them.

The Webfinance back office is independant from the front office and should not
be packaged. Both back and front offices need a SQL database but this should
also be excluded from the package at this time.

Please send quotes and deadlines to cyb@debian.org


[1] https://github.com/cyrilb/python-hipay
[2] https://github.com/cyrilb/WebFinance/tree/webfinance-fo
[3] python manage.py test
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