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Vibrant small business support - Sydney Australia

My contact is a catering business operating two venues. Conducting
functions including a restaurant and bar.
Looking for a good technical support person.

This company has in the past experienced good relationships with their
support person, operating remotely (when possible) and otherwise on
The staff are capable of taking instruction over the phone for simple
system restarts which are required to enable better remote assistance.

When on site the client makes an effort to look after you. This - for
example - can include coffee and food ... and if a good relationship is
built, they would love to see your face around.

Their infrastructure is currently :
5 PCs @ in Rose Bay (Headquarters)
5 PCs @ near to the spit 
Simple network infrastructure.
Server running a function Management Program - 'events perfect'.

If you can offer more reliable Linux server infrastructure, (email,
network drive and automatic backup + whatever else will help their
business) they would most likely shift all BUT the event management
system to a Linux server.

If you are the right candidate, you will be mobile and on call.

Please contact me if you are interested.


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