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[Wilmington NC] Linux admin asst & IT support tech

Systems Admin Assistant & User Support Tech (Wilmington[costal], NC)

All-Spec Industries, a privately held distribution company which provides
products to the electronics manufacturing and repair, field service, and
industrial manufacturing/maintenance industries is seeking a qualified and
experienced candidate for an IT support and admin assistant position.
All-Spec Industries is a technologically progressive company seeking an
individual with a desire to excel in a supportive environment and to grow
with the company as it expands. Company supported benefits include company
supported medical/dental/vision, 401(k) with % company match as well as paid
vacation and sick time. Interested applicants that are not within the
Wilmington area are expected to relocate to Wilmington NC or the surrounding
areas. Relocation assistance may be available. 

To apply, please contact us via e-mail at job442@all-spec.com with salary
requirements and provide as many related IT job references as possible.


The ideal candidate will be able to assist the IT and management staff with
PC hardware and software problems, critical Linux and Windows server issues,
printing problems and various other hardware and software responsibilities.
Additionally the candidate will be offered an opportunity to take on a web
and/or database programming role as a secondary focus using company provided
on-site or off-site training.

Qualifications & Recommendations:

- 2 or more years of Linux installation, configuration and administration
experience is required. This includes all flavors but we mostly use Debian
and Red Hat Enterprise.

- Postfix and Dovecot configuration and administration experience is a

- Basic Apache 2.x configuration and administration experience is a
requirement. Advanced Apache 2.x configuration knowledge, including
mod_rewrite is a bonus.

- Basic Windows setup and administration experience is required.

- Must be able to work well with a diverse group of people within different
business roles.

- Must be able to organize and address multiple and potentially simultaneous
issues in a timely manner.

- Knowledge of, and experience with, AJAX, HTML and the HTTP protocol, XML,
as well as JavaScript would be a huge bonus for the web programming offer.

- Knowledge of, and recent experience with, BASIC and or Visual BASIC would
be a huge bonus for the database programming offer.

- Serious inquires only.

Please contact job442@all-spec.com to submit your resume and salary
requirements or to obtain more details.

All-Spec Industries Inc.
5228 US Highway 421 N
Wilmington, NC 28401

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