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Experienced Linux sysadmins @ Hamburg/Germany

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We are looking for experienced Debian/Linux system administrators.
I am leading the sysadmin team consisting of six friendly and funny
full-time geeks running the helpdesk and operating the infrastructure.


- - Develop and operate community/e-learning websites
  (the main project has 2 million visits per day)
- - Are located in the center of Hamburg/Germany.
  (the office is easily reachable by public transport)
- - Are paying well and offer additional goodies like parties,
  free food and free beverages.
- - Have a fast-paced but fun and unbureaucratic working style.
- - Offer all the gadgets that make the job fun.
- - Have friendly coworkers in every office who will welcome you.

What you would be doing:

- - Help us develop our infrastructure to keep up with our rapid growth.
- - Administer and optimize the Debian based infrastructure, development
  and production servers.
- - Maintain and optimize the MySQL-based database cluster.
- - Accompany exciting new projects with your experience and knowledge.
- - Advise our development teams in hosting their projects and support
  deployments of new application versions.
- - Keep the documentation and monitoring system in a sane state.
- - Participate in the 24/7 on-call service in case of emergencies
  (roughly one case per week that can almost always be solved remotely)

Your geek profile:

- - You have at least two years of experience in administering Linux
  Bonus: you know how to build Debian packages.
- - You have a strong focus on web hosting and know about LAMP and HTTP.
  Bonus: experience with load balancers, caches and proxies
- - You feel at home in the shell and are not afraid of scripting.
  Bonus: you know Perl, Python or a similar scripting language
- - You have experience with real-life databases servers.
  Bonus: you have dealt with MySQL and high-availability
- - You are fluent in english and german
- - You can organize yourself well, don't panic when the todo list gets
  longer and have a good sense of responsibility.
  (Bonus: you have lead projects successfully already)
- - You have a systematic, careful and quality-oriented working style.
- - You share our culture of really being customer-focused and never
  say "I'm not responsible for that".
- - You communicate well and are a good team player.
- - You are smart, enthusiastic, agile and eager to develop yourself.
  Your attitude is at least as important as your technical skills.

If you are interested then please contact our HR team at
bewerbung@icans-gmbh.com and send us your application.

Best regards
 Christoph Haas
- - --
Dipl.-Inform. Christoph Haas
Team Lead System and Network Services
E-Mail: christoph.haas@icans-gmbh.com
or:     haas@debian.org
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