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Software Developer for Embedded Systems


WORK Microwave GmbH, Holzkirchen (near Munich), Germany, is seeking a
Software Developer for Embedded Systems, preferably from a GNU/Linux
Environment. See also

http://www.work-microwave.de/ -> "Careers" -> "Vacancies"

We are developing Satellite IP/IPv6 Modems, among other interesting
equipment, as you can find on the above website. The widely
international client's areas of business (and therefore ours) are quite
independent of economic/capitalist crises, as you can imagine.

The development environment is primarily Debian GNU/Linux servers, with
workstation OS of choice (highly individual).

Most engineers are natively German speaking, but English would be
welcome, also.

>From the ad:

Areas of development:
+ Software for Micro Controllers
+ Embedded Linux: Kernel und Device Firmware (Userland)
+ Test Software

+ Experience with Embedded CPU/MCU (e.g. ARM, AVR, PowerPC)
+ GNU/Linux Cross-Toolchains (GCC/G++)
+ Automation in QA (Unit and System Test)

Feel free to ask me questions. I will delegate if necessary.

See you!


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