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Debian GNU/Linux Sysadmin, Bethlehem PA/Viddler.com

Viddler is a small globally distributed startup in the online video
business- we do something something like 2000 req/sec at peak and serve
video for Failblog, MIT Tech TV, Sony Playstation.

What to expect? Troubleshooting systems issues, scripting, amazonaws, mysql,
automating common systems tasks, writing monitor scripts and maintaining
security, scalability and reliability of our Debian-based platform.

We are looking for someone local to the Bethlehem PA area, but this
is not a deal breaker.  If you are sufficiently experienced and in particular
are used to telecommuting, we will consider that too.  Position is
full-time/ 40 flexible hrs with regular on-call.

If you are interested please reply to jobs at viddler dot com with a short
summary on what you have done and who you are.

Todd Troxell

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