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Sysadmin job opening in downtown Seattle (SAGE level II or III)

Hey, all--

My company's looking for a sysadmin to join us at our downtown Seattle headquarters. Although our clusters run CentOS, the count of Debian servers is slooooowly growing. :) Although the web application form requests you submit your application in MS Word format (zounds!), feel free to submit your application as PDF, text, or HTML.



3TIER, a leading provider of renewable energy information services, invites applications for a full-time Systems Administrator at our downtown Seattle headquarters. Our services include real-time forecast and assessment products for the solar, wind, and hydro renewable energy industries. 3TIER provides a dynamic and challenging work environment, with innovative and engaging user interfaces, large data sets, and a talented and impassioned team of developers and scientists.

Successful candidates will be able to work on a team with limited supervision, learn new systems and technologies quickly, and have an interest in renewable energy science. To learn more about us, please visit http://www.3tier.com.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

* Implement and maintain 3TIER's IT infrastructure, including all computer hardware, data connections and infrastructure software (eg: linux, http, ftp, SQL, ssh, dns, tape backup) that forms the functional basis of 3TIER's forecasting and assessment systems.

* Manage and assist with implementation of electrical and mechanical systems such as battery backup, air conditioning and electricity demand.

 * Ensure maximum availability of 3TIER's computing infrastructure.

* Provide technical support and documentation to 3TIER's users for both hardware and software.

Qualified candidates will have the following:

 * Degree in Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, or related field.
 * 2+ years system administration experience
 * USENIX SAGE Level 2 or 3
 * Experience working in a UNIX/Linux command-line environment
 * Ability to work some nights and weekends as needed
 * Ability to be on 24x7 pager rotation
 * Scripting experience such as bash or csh
 * MySQL and/or PostgreSQL Database administration (preferred)
 * Python (preferred)

Pay, Benefits & Work Schedule:

This is a full-time position in Seattle, WA with competitive compensation and benefits.

Company Information:

3TIER is a renewable energy forecasting and assessment company that uses its knowledge about weather, climate and their impacts on wind, hydro and solar energy to help its clients make better decisions about their renewable energy investments. We use sophisticated computer modeling systems, in-house expertise and reliable delivery mechanisms to forecast both the short-term intermittency and the long-term availability of renewable energy as well as provide project-scale, scientifically based assessment and forecast products and services to our clients. Founded in 1999 and incorporated in 2001, 3TIER is a privately-held, disabled-veteran-owned, equal opportunity employer and is committed to and promotes workplace diversity. To learn more about us, please visit www.3tier.com.

How to Apply:

  Applications are accepted online only.

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