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MPLS live CD

Hi debian comminy,
I need to create custom MPLS LiveCD, and quite hurry. I will pay for this work.

It should be done as simple as it go.

I have tried:
a) live-helper, was not very sucessful
b) remaster knoppix 5.01, everythink works as expected, I just hang on bootloader trouble.

First You should know, that MPLS kernel for L2 VPN is only working in 2.6.15 kernel with mpls patches. So Debian Etch / Knoppix 5.01 could be used.

Little more description about Knoppix remastering:

What I did is
- remaster Knoppix 5.01
- sucessfully installed in chroot during remastering

My kernel .config ( is synchronized with Knoppix .config (2.6.17)

What faild is bootloader.

Even I
- fill minirt.gz with custom .ko modules
- change vmlinuz link from 2.6.17 to 2.6.15.mpls
- replace "link file" vmlinuz with real kernel vmlinuz.2.6.15.mpls

Live CD still boots into 2.6.17 kernel

Could somebody do this job? I will provide more information if some could do this.
I wrote also to Klaus Knopper, and will pay to that, who will respond first.

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