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Debian/Ubuntu developer for Nexenta Project


Nexenta Systems, the sponsor of the Nexenta project, is looking to
hire an experienced Ubuntu/Debian developer to help with packaging,
porting and other efforts around the Nexenta distributions. Nexenta is
an OpenSolaris port of Ubuntu LTS releases.

This position will be involved in below :

1. Package fixing according to the NCP bug database
2. Follow up with users on IRC and entering/fixing new NCP bugs
3. Quality Assurance for the NCP upgrades
4. Improvement of Nexenta / OpenSolaris compatibility layer
5. Improve management of patches in NCP, and collaborate with upstream
to get solaris specific changes in.

Being a developer with upstream (debian developer/ubuntu Motu), and
having a good overview of the community structure will help immensely.

* Location is not an issue.. you can work from home.
* This is a full time position.

Please get in touch if you fit the bill. I'm available on freenode in
#nexenta as anilg, or via email for any queries you may have.

Anil Gulecha
Core Developer, NCP.

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