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Grid Computing for and with CERN in Oslo, Norway


this Job is not Debian-centric, but Debian-compatible, with many collaborators
using Debian or Ubuntu. The focus is on high energy physics (HEP):


I know the group to be good and friendly. This should be a dream position to be
in and do something good for the world. There are quite a number of HEP
packages in Debian already, mostly by their collaborators at CERN and Christian
(DM) in Copenhagen. The grid packages are done by the collaborators in
Copenhagen (Anders, a prospective DM) and Mattias (DM and DD applicant) in
Uppsala who are all collaborating via the NorduGrid.

From a Debian perspective, the challenge is to see our distribution used more
in those world-wide leading environments and have as much of the technologies
as possible forwarded through the Debian channels to mainstream. So I hope one
of us to be picked for this position.

Good luck!


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