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Systems Admin @ Gradwell


We're looking for another Systems Administrator to join our team, you
would be part of a team of three full-time folk responsible for ensuring
reliable service delivery and looking after our infrastructure.

We are primarily a VoIP provider to a decent number of SMB outfits
within the United Kingdom, but we also have most of the 'traditional'
services including:

    *  mail systems (SMTP, POP3, IMAP, etc)
    *  shared web clusters (Apache, PHP)
    *  internet access via ADSL, leased circuits

Full details about the job are over here:


Salary is around the £22,000 per annum mark depending on experience, and
the job comes with a few benefits plus flexible working hours.

You'd be working alongside me so I'd be happy to answer any questions
about the job or employer if you mail me off-list! :)


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