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System Administrator/Engineer wanted in Munich


My current employer (a sufficiently stable company with solid financial
situation and good products) is looking for some (senior level) system
The company is offering (noticeably) above average payments, friendly
work environment and a few other benefits.

We are looking for someone who has a deep knowledge of Linux in general.
Knowledge in puppet (configuration management), networking, firewalls,
routing protocols, DNS, Apache, tomcat, heartbeat (linuxHA) and
databases are not all needed, but you should be able to cover some of them.
Now to the downsides: You should be willing to cope with RedHat EL
(mostly RHEL 5) and CentOS (also mostly 5) despite being far inferior to
Debian ;-)
An additional plus would be some knowledge in Windows Domain/AD/Exchange
Administration to be able to work as a backup if our primary Windows
people are all unavailable.

Language requirements: Fluent english needed, fluent german a definite plus.

If you are interested, I can give you more details in private mail.


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