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java developer for Open Source Software (Neogia)

Hi all,

We are a French Services company in Open Source software : Néréide (http://nereide.biz), localized in the periphery of Tours ( French ). We are specialized in the integration and the implementation of the Open Source ERP Neogia ( http://www.neogia.org ) and Apache-OFBiz (http://ofbiz.org).

We currently looking for a java developer, available immediately.

Pre-necessary: control java and development tools such as eclipse, ant, poséidon, CVS. The knowledge of industrial management would be also appreciated.

Of higher formation, you like the Open Source software and wish to work within a team very invested in a Open Source Community project (http://www.neogia.org)

Our values are :
- a company managed by its members in the form of a limited liability company with variable capital allowing the balance of a man = a voice - a company working with other, Néréide is member of the network Libre-Entreprise: http://www.libre-entreprise.com

If you share our values, thank you to send your candidature to information@nereide.biz

You can find here a French version (http://www.nereide.biz/REcherche-developpeur-java.html)


Pierre Gaudin,
Consultant Neogia OFBiz, ERP en logiciel Libre

http://www.nereide.biz 33 (0)6 08 40 25 70
33 (0)2 47 50 30 54

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