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JOB: The Jim Henson Company is seeking a Systems Administrator

The Jim Henson Company is seeking a Systems Administrator. We are Debian Linux-based.

Systems Administrator

A systems Administrator at the Henson Animation Studio is responsible
for the daily operation, support, maintenance and emergency response
of the PC and LINUX servers and workstation computers including but
not limited to; Render Farm Management, TCP/IP Networking ,web
server and e-mail maintenance, Cross Platform fileserver Management,
SAN/NAS/RAID Server Maintenance and Administration, and end user
application support.

The Systems administrator is expected to conduct system analysis and
development, with available support and direction from professional
staff, to keep our systems current with changing technologies.
S/he also advises on the applicability of new technologies and
developments that may aid in increasing the productivity and
efficiency of the studios computing services and resources.

This position works closely with the Head of Digital Production and
Digital FX Supervisor in determining the direction and implementation
of technical developments within Henson Animation Studios.

University degree in Computer Science or related discipline, or
equivalent combination of education and experience.

Minimum of 3 years related experience. Demonstrated expert working
knowledge of PC/LINUX systems running on workstations and servers
in a networked environment. Proficiency with Windows and Linux
environments. Experience with a wide range of peripheral devices,
Internet services and protocols. Experience troubleshooting technology
systems and applications in a complex networked environment. LDAP,
SAN and NAS experience, and Networked Tape Backup experience
required. Additional experience in CG render pipelines and video
engineering are also desirable.

Skills: Demonstrated understanding of Digital production environments
and cross-platform issues; familiarity with intranet development using
Python and Postgresql, knowledge of interpreted languages (Perl.
Python, MEL), knowledge of standard backup infrastructures, talent at
diagnosing and remedying serious system related problems and
failures promptly and effectively. Experience with the following
operating systems; Windows 2003/XP, Debian Linux, and MacOS.

Additional but not required: Web server (apache2), FTP Server
(proftpd), Instant messenger server (ejabberd), SMTP server (postfix),
system and network monitoring Tools, (Nagios2, Ntop and Munin),
Render farm queuing system (Sun Grid Engine), Networked Backups
(Bacqula), and custom Linux Kernel compilation & installation.

Strong commitment to high quality service. Demonstrated ability to
communicate effectively and patiently with both naive and
sophisticated users on both technical and policy issues. Strong
initiative and the ability to work both independently and as a member
of a team. Analytical skills, enthusiastic attitude, and time
management skills to permit simultaneous action on many tasks,
many of which will demand timely completion.

To apply for the Systems Administrator Position please send email to:

The Jim Henson Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

This is a full-time position.

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