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Linux Systems Administrator at FDO Partners, LLC

Linux System Administrator
FDO is looking for a system administrator to manage our complement of roughly
two dozen Linux servers and workstations.  We have many of the typical IT needs
(Postgres, RAID, shell scripting, etc.) of a small Linux shop, as well as some
interesting finance-related infrastructure (point-to- point network
connectivity to the markets, dedicated data feed hardware, etc).  Beyond
routine maintenance duties, the sysadmin will also be responsible for
provisioning and deploying new hardware; one of the first major tasks will be
outfitting our new server room this fall.
The ideal candidate for this position will have solid knowledge of Linux
systems and a grasp of current IT best-practice in such a setting.  Formal
experience as a system administrator is not necessary, but the ability to learn
and work independently is essential for this position.  We hope the successful
candidate will be able grow with our company, and will provide opportunities to
contribute to our engineering and research efforts.
Familiarity with some of the following is a plus:
* shell/perl/python scripts
* RAID (mdadm/raidtools) / LVM
* Networking software (NFS, NIS, DNS, autofs, VPN)
* MediaWiki
* OOP (C++ or Java)
* Hardware maintenance/installation
Applications by e-mail only to careers@fdopartners.com, referencing “System
Administrator” position.

Company Information

FDO Partners, LLC is a globally-recognized  investment management firm based in
Cambridge, Massachusetts. Founded in 1997, the company serves some of the most
sophisticated institutional investors around the world, and has established a
worldwide reputation for delivering first-class investment performance through
the pursuit of excellence in quantitative investing. FDO operates a number of
hedge funds across a variety of asset classes.
For those who are smart, ambitious and willing to learn, FDO offers a truly
distinctive work environment.
*•  FDO offers a breadth of experience rarely available elsewhere. Those who
work at FDO are not confined to one area of specialty or interest; instead,
they work across rather than within asset classes, and can traverse the entire
product line from upstream concept to downstream implementation.

*•  FDO is growing rapidly. This offers an unequaled opportunity to become a
part of a world-class team at its most dynamic time, and to gain immediate
hands-on experience. In identifying the right skill set, FDO puts a premium on
the ability to learn and to be a self-starter. For those with the necessary
skills, the growth potential is significant.

*•  Seniority and tenure take a back seat; what matters is a demonstrated
ability to take ideas from blueprint to implementation. FDO has allocated
responsibility on this basis since the founding of the firm, and it has been
one of the critical ingredients in the firm’s success.

*•  FDO offers the right work environment for ideas to flourish. The atmosphere
is collaborative and collegial. Knowledge is shared, allowing the best ideas to
propagate in an organic way. The best testament to this is the enthusiasm
shared by those who already work here.
FDO is not just another investment company. FDO provides a truly distinctive
environment in which those with the best ideas and implementation skills can

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