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looking for Debian developers

Hi everyone,
This is the second email I sent to the mail list concerning the recruitment issue, hope it doesn't disturb you guys much.:)
After the first advertisement, we have got some great people but most of them can only work part-time, but right now we are more interested in full-time developers, it will be better if you live within North Europe. People who can work part-time but haven't sent me any email can also drop me one as we probably can offer part-time job in the near future.
Our projects involve software development for Nokia Internet tablet (like Nokia 770 and Nokia 800) device. The job is interesting and challenging. :)

Programming competencies of interest:
- Linux (Debian) programming
- MAEMO platform
- porting applications to MAEMO
- multimedia skills
- real-time communication programming
- UI design and implementation

Unique United Oy is a small but fast growing Finnish IT company. Creativity, innovation and team work are highly valued qualities.

If you are interested in the position please contact us ASAP.
We expect your early reply!
Again I appologize for the inconvenience this email may bring to you.

Thank you!

Unique United Ltd.
Tekniikantie 21                                
FI-02150 Espoo                                
Phone: 00358505362186
URL: www.uu.fi
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