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San Francisco startup is looking for development team in Berlin, D (and beyond)

The Company

San Francisco-based startup with ultimate infrastructure solution for the digital content
distribution - games and movies virtual console. A technology company with a huge
potential in $10bn market founded by industry veterans.

We are looking to expand our development effort by adding another europe-based team,
starting June '07.

The Project

We are looking for an existing team or group of individuals qualified to form one, that
would have 5-6 highly skilled engineers with these general qualifications:

Broad knowledge of and experience with computing machinery: communications, networking,
system software, drivers, OS internals, crypto, GUI, databases, opensource toolchains.

More specific tools: Python, Qt, PyQt, C, Linux/FreeBSD, apache, frameworks like Zope &
Twisted, general crypto + SSL + encrypted file systems, windows/mac/linux api & drivers,
TCP, UDP, sockets, NAT/firewall issues (STUN), P2P intricacies, MySQL, messaging/presence
, VoIP, etc.

People who can write a communication protocol from the scratch, make it secure and on top
of it create a sexy application. Engineers who don't care in which programming language
they express their creativity in. Or maybe can write a compiler of their own. You get the

This is *not* a 'web application'. Java or microsoft tools will *not* be used. Clients
are *not* web browsers.

BS in EE or CE or in related field required, MS preferred.




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