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Two Linux sysadmin positions at Smartleaf.

Feel free to contact me with questions about the job or the
company. Smartleaf uses Debian for infrastructure systems
and SuSE for production systems, and will be moving most
production to Debian in the foreseeable future.

Network/Security Focus Sysadmin -- 5+ years experience
Infrastructure Focus Sysadmin -- 5+ years experience

Smartleaf, Inc., a pioneer in financial overlay management software,
is looking for two systems administrators. No, we're looking for two
great sysadmins. We are looking for generalists who have lots of skills.

You will report to the Director of IT/Operations and share on-call
responsibility for production environments, as well as maintaining
flexible office hours for development and IT work. Telecommuting is not a
full-time option, but the ability to telecommute effectively is required.

You should have strong hands-on experience in system administration and
strengths in several areas that complement our current staff.

Network/Security Focus Sysadmin:

- You need significant experience with Cisco IOS and PIX
  environments as well as Linux systems administration.

Infrastructure Focus Sysadmin: 

- You should have experience with installation and configuration
  automation. Knowledge of deb and RPM packaging systems is desirable,
  as is at least one configuration system such as cfengine, isconf,
  Puppet, radmind, or the like.

Your duties will include:

* build and maintain environments for development, test, and
* build & maintain internal & colo networks
* maintain mail servers, print servers, Samba file repositories,
* and user
  workstations (primarily Linux, some Windows and Mac OS X)
* desktop user support - Linux, Windows, Mac OS X
* document and automate work
* assist in relevant project planning, budgeting, and resource
* share on-call rotation
* and everything else that could possibly fall under the
  IT/Operations umbrella in a small company.

You must have:

* extensive systems administration experience, preferably with Debian and SuSE
* solid scripting skills with Perl and shell

Useful skills include:

* Other UNIXen besides Linux, especially NetBSD or OpenBSD
* Oracle administration / install / backup / restore 
* Windows desktop support (~5-10 users)
* experience with IPsec, Postfix, qmail, BIND, Apache, Perl,
  C++, Cisco, mon, Samba, rsync, CVS, RequestTracker, Bugzilla
  and all similar tools.

Please send  cover letters and resumes to jobs@smartleaf.com.
ASCII, HTML, PS, PDF, Word are all acceptable. No phone calls.

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