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Freelance System Admin

We need some part time help with our infrastructure maintenance. It's not that we can't do it, we're just very busy! Ideally we'd like a freelance person that we can call when we need to.

We have a number of geographically distributed servers. You'll need to be able to install and uninstall software, maintain user accounts etc...

Please tell us your level of experience (if any) in each of the following:

* Debian GNU/Linux.

* Standard UNIX/Internet protocols and the particular server:

smtp - postfix
imap - cyrus
domain - bind 9
kerberos - heimdel
sasl - cyrus
http - apache
servlet - tomcat
sql - postgresql, mysql
ldap - openldap
ssh - openssh

* Single-sign-on. We're planning on implementing SSO based on kerberos, sasl, and ldap.

* IPsec VPN using native 2.6 IPsec implementation.

* Firewall using native 2.6 netfilter and some TBD framework.

* Intrusion detection - samhain.

* Monitoring - not sure what framework yet.

You'll need to:

1) document
2) use version control (monotone)
3) show methods for verifying correct operation.

Please email your resume in pdf format to sanjay@quoininc.com, along with a note mentioning salary expectation, availability and experience in above technologies.

Sanjay Jain
Accounting/Office Manager
Boston Solutions Center
200 Lincoln Street, Suite 401
Boston, Massachusetts 02111
Tel: 617.357.5233 (x15)
Fax: 617.357.5234
email: sanjay@QuoinInc.com

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