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[JOB] Specialist Admin role, Notting Hill, London, UK


We have a new role here at ideaworks3d (ideaworks3d.com) that would be well suited to a debian developer. We develop realtime 3D games for
mobile phones.

We run our commercially-licensed “Airplay” game servers on a cluster of debain boxes. Currently we receive over 100,000 connections per day and this figure is growing. We're looking to hire someone full time to help manage the live service, and generate usage reports.

Key skills:
    * advanced linux admin skills
    * debian packaging and archive management
    * MySQL admin / deployment / monitoring / opimisation
    * python
    * log file analysis + report generation (graph generation)
    * linux cluster maintainance a plus
    * C/C++ skills a plus
    * game devel experience a plus

Please contact me directly if interested.


sam clegg

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