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PHP/MySQL developer in Los Angeles, CA

Full time consultant position doing primarily PHP programming in the Los 
Angeles, CA, USA area. Jobs are varied and include both small and large 
projects for our clients, as well as some internal tools. We rely heavily on 
LAMP for web application development and use open source tools almost 
exclusively.  Our preference is to hire free software/open source enthusists.  
If you're the sort that is likely to debate for hours on topics such as GPL 
vs. BSD, Debian vs. Ubuntu, or RPM vs. DEB, you'll fit in well here.

Required technical skills: PHP, SQL, bash, and basic Linux sysadmining.  Ruby 
knowlege is considered a big plus since we are moving into that.  Strong 
communication on the phone, in person, and via email also appreciated.

Local applicants _only_ at this time.  We are not looking to outsource work.  
We will need you in our office (located in Burbank, CA) at least three days a 
week, with telecommuting as an option the rest of the time (or you can work 
here the full week, at your preference).

A disclaimer: although we always provide source to our clients (vendor lock-in 
is lame), the majority of code we produce is not publicly released as open 

For more details including information about our company: 


Send resume or just a description of your skills & experience to jobs [at] 
bitscribe [dot] net.

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