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Re: packaging Go runtime for ANTLR4

Hi Peymaneh,

Le 2021-07-27 10:09, Peymaneh Nejad a écrit :

Is it intended or wished for that additional runtimes other than Java
are packaged in seperate source packages

Yes it is, for several reasons:
- The Java Team doesn't have the time and skills to maintain properly a multi-language package like ANTLR. The Java part is sufficiently complex on its own, we'd rather not have to care about the other languages. - Different language ecosystems often require distinct and slightly incompatible versions of ANTLR. - Handling several languages in the same package makes upgrades and regression testing much more difficult. - ANTLR is a core package of the Java ecosystems, including more languages increases the dependency tree of the Java packages and makes the bootstrapping harder.

So it's preferable to have a clear separation of responsability with different source packages, each language team having the freedom to maintain its version as needed without impacting the others.

Emmanuel Bourg

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