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Bug#896907: openjdk-8-jre-headless: Headless JRE package should not configure assistive technologies

On Wed, 25 Apr 2018, Mark Waite wrote:

> Java assistive
> technologies should be disabled in the *-headless package so that
> components do not mistakenly believe assistive technologies might work.

I’m not sure this is technically possible; this is a conffile,
so we cannot, from a packaging PoV, have different configurations
depending on which packages are installed.

> The openjdk-8-jre-headless package intentionally excludes user interface
> related components, but the package mistakenly enables Java assistive
> technologies which require user interface components.

On the other hand, these components probably fall under “need the
nōn-headless JRE” anyway. Here, “headless” does not mean “doesn’t
have a display attached locally” but “omits stuff for graphics”.
If your library uses graphics, chances are it needs the full JRE,
including its dependencies.

That being said, openjdk-11 currently doesn’t enable assistive
technologies at all (because they don’t work — not because of
things like this; expect them to be enabled once they work).

> The Docker
> image description says:
> 	openjdk:slim
> 	This image installs the -headless package of OpenJDK and so is missing
> 	many of the UI-related Java libraries and some common packages contained

There you have it. You’ll need to add the full JRE.

> While using Jenkins based on the jenkins/jenkins:slim image, charts and
> graphs are not drawn because JFreeChart fails to initialize.  JFreeChart
> fails to initialize because Java assistive technologies are enabled,
> but not installed.

This sounds like something fixable in JFreeChart. Is this the same
I see packaged as libjfreechart-java in Debian? Do you have some
small reproducer for the “JFreeChart fails to initialise” problem
I can run to test this?

Thanks in advance,
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