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Re: jruby in sid is pretty broken and is a key package. Help?

On 2020-12-23 16 h 44, Markus Koschany wrote:
>> Adrian Bunk says a large part of the Java ecosystem seems to
>> transitively depend on jruby, so I guess all those things are Bad™.
> Is there a quick way to determine what is the "large part of the Java
> ecosystem"? I don't think jruby is really that important. When I run 
> 	reverse-depends -b jruby
> or
> 	apt-cache rdepends jruby
> only libspring-java and libfreemarker-java look like relevant packages. 
>> Is there someone that could take a look at this package? It's really out
>> of my field of expertise and I don't think I'll be able to help :S
>> PS: I'm not currently subscribed to this list, so please keep me in CC.
> If nobody steps forward to maintain jruby, I am more in favor of making r-deps
> less dependent on jruby. I am quite sure in most cases support for jruby is
> optional but not essential.

Ah, maybe that's what it is yes, I haven't looked at the rdepends very
hard, I just saw it was a key package.

If re-working the r-deps is the solution, so be it, but it would be a
shame, as I need jruby to package Puppet 6 :(

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