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Looking for feedback for my first Java package: eprosima-idl-parser

Hi list,

I'm mostly active as maintainer for the Science team and the Robot OS
(ROS) packaging. The new ROS version 2 is designed to run with a
middleware based on DDS, and their chosen implementation eProsima
FastDDS, even though it's written in C++, happens to ship with a
Java-based IDL compiler. The IDL compiler relies on a custom parser
implementation based on Antlr4, which comes as a separate Java library.

Based on the available documentation, I have come up with something that
works and is Lintian clean, but I'd feel better if someone with more
experience in Java packaging could have a look [1], [2] and give me some

Also, I wanted to ask if it is okay to make the library a "public
package" in the Java team space, even if I don't expect widespread use
outside the ROS community. I will commit to maintain the package for the
foreseeable future, of course. I believe the fastddsgen tool itself is a
better fit for the Science team space (or wherever the FastDDS packages
end up eventually), but I'm open to suggestions if you think otherwise.


[1] https://salsa.debian.org/roehling/eprosima-idl-parser
[2] https://salsa.debian.org/roehling/fastddsgen

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