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Re: Font in jar-Dateien

On Sat, Sep 19, 2020 at 7:30 PM Mechtilde Stehmann wrote:

> Or what is best practice in such a case?

The best option for fonts is to have the text rendering code, using
fontconfig or similar, dynamically load the right fonts at runtime for
the text being rendered. This way it doesn't matter if the fonts are
in the user's home directory (~/.fonts), in the system fonts directory
(/usr/local/share/fonts) or in the distro fonts directory
(/usr/share/fonts) and it also doesn't matter which fonts are
installed, if there are fonts containing the needed characters for the
text being rendered, then the characters will be rendered from the
available fonts. I'm not sure how this is done in Java, but I do know
the JRE switched from hard-coded paths to fontconfig some years ago.



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