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polyglot-maven update

Hi All,

I was trying to update tycho to the latest version and enable
tycho-pomless in the process. But that will need the latest version of
polyglot-maven. Now, polyglot-maven has moved to
https://github.com/takari/polyglot-maven, so I took that and updated
locally to test. With the updated polyglot-maven, gradle build fails,
so I started looking at gradle to see if they have used the new
polyglot-maven or not and looks like upstream gradle used it at some
point but then reverted by

I am sure they reverted for some good reason and so am I correct in
thinking that we are now stuck with the old polyglot-maven and can
only update after upstream gradle finds some way to use it?

If anyone wants to have a look then the update to polyglot-maven is at:
sudip/update branch at https://salsa.debian.org/sudip/polyglot-maven


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