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Re: Packaging NatTable, more details

Le 19/08/2019 à 15:46, Vincent Prat a écrit :
> Hi all,
> I have finished packaging the core library using eclipse-debian-helper.
> Should I also package extensions even if I do not plan to use them?
> Examples and tests are also provided, as java classes.
> Should I install the examples? If yes, should I build them or provide
> them as is?
> What about tests? It would be nice to declare an autopkgtest test suite.
> Has anyone done this for a Java package?
> Thanks in advance for your answers.
> Best regards,
> Vincent

Hi all,

Let me explain a bit more the situation.

The upstream tarball contains several directories with Java source files:
- the core library (nattable.core);
- some extensions of the core library (nattable.extension.*);
- examples (nattable.examples.*), for both the core library and the
- tests (nattable.*.test), also for both;
- a dataset library (nattable.dataset) used by examples and tests to
generate fake data.

As already mentionend, I have packaged the core library as an eclipse
bundle using eclipse-debian-helper.
It results in a package named libeclipse-nebula-widgets-nattable-core-java.

My first question was about the extensions.
To package HDFView (which is the reason why I want NatTable in Debian),
I only need the core library.
Should I also package the extensions as eclipse bundles
(libeclipse-nebula-widgets-nattable-extension-*-java) even though I do
not need them?

My second question was about the examples.
For me, it does not seem a good idea to package them as independent
eclipse bundles.
The simplest solution is to add them as is (i.e. Java source files) to
the corresponding packages using <packagename>.examples files.
Another solution would be to manually build the examples before
installing them.
What is the best option?
There is also another problem: the examples depend on the dataset library.
Does it mean that I should also package it, so that the user can compile
and/or run the examples, even though this library is useless apart from
examples and tests?

My third question was about the tests.
On the one hand, as for examples, I do not think it is a good idea to
package them separately.
On the other hand, I do not know how to add tests to an eclipse bundle.
I guess I could try to manually build the tests and install them in the
corresponding packages.
In addition, is there a standard way to collect and run JUnit tests?
Again, the tests would require to package the dataset library.

I would value any opinion on these questions.
Thank you in advance.

Best regards,

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