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Re: Status of sbt package

Den 14.08.2019 11:54, skrev Frédéric Bonnard:

But for sbt, as far as I remember, you cannot just javac * and scalac *
(as for the other simple sbt- packages : see d/rules of
sbt-launcher-interface, sbt-serialization etc), because pieces of the
source code is generated during the build process and I didn't find
time to fake that source generation without the embedded sbt, with only
Currently, sbt in the archive is 0.13.13 and upstream seems to propose
1.3 .
So, is it more easy to try to build 1.3 from scratch or do we need to
pursue the effort on 0.13.13 to be able to then build 1.3 ... only
digging more can tell :)

Hi Frederic and Andrius

I think getting 1.3 working in debian is far more valuable to all parties, Debian, Scala and the Sbt projects. 0.13 is old and not required by the latest version of the projects.

I looked into building Sbt and Scala half a year ago, trying to get to grips with how to build on the Debian build process, but found the dependencies to be circular. As it is, Sbt requires Scala and Scala requires Sbt to compile. In addition it requires the previous version of the spesific build project. I.e to build Scala 2.12.8, one needs Scala 2.12.7 and so on. The same for Sbt.

So as far as I understand, and remember, in Debian you would first need a proper debian build of Scala, to get any where with building Sbt.

The good news is that after talking with some of the maintainers of Sbt and Scala, they would be very interrested in getting a script that could build Sbt or Scala from command line, using just Java and similr tools.

The propper build process for both Scala and Sbt contains a lot of project and QA activites that we dont need for a debian build. That is, before any PR's are merged, the projects own build process does the quality checks required. So the only quality checks a Debian build would require is, to make sure it builds and runs properly after a Debian build and adheres to all Debian packaging rules. That allows us to simplify the build process for both Scala and Sbt, for Debian purposes.

Thats how far I got, but I would love to help and continue working on this.

Andrius, whats your thoughts or plans on how to build Sbt?



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