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Re: Java 8 and 11 quarterly release tags

Hi all,

I've updated the info below - happy building!

On Tue, 16 Jul 2019 at 23:44, Martijn Verburg <martijnverburg@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi all,

For this quarterly release the tags are:

Java 8 (all non-aarch64)

* jdk8u222-b10 (which matches jdk8u222-ga)

Java 8 (aarch64):

* aarch64-shenandoah-jdk8u222-b10

Java 11:

* jdk-11.0.4+11 (which matches jdk-11.0.4-ga)

Java 12

 * jdk-12.0.2+9 (which matches jdk-12.0.2-ga)

Java 13

Won't be released until Sept


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