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Re: New Package JVerein

Hello Markus,

thanks for your detailed information.

Am 25.05.19 um 10:36 schrieb Markus Koschany:
> Hallo Mechtilde,
> Am 25.05.19 um 08:51 schrieb Mechtilde:
> [...]
>> Can someone advise me through the steps?
> I just comment on all the warnings I can find.
> source-contains-prebuilt-java-object
> The upstream sources contain various jar files. We always remove them
> from the upstream tarball to ensure we only build with system libraries.

That is solvable. I have to package some of them myself. This takes time.

> package-contains-vcs-control-file
> Same here, I suggest to remove the .gitignore file when you repack the
> tarball anyway.
> jar-contains-source
> This is usually quite harmless. Normally we don't ship java source files
> in our binary packages except the application functions this way
> (robocode) but most of the time jar files just contain class files and
> some content files like images, sounds or text files. I believe there is
> probably something wrong with the build system.
> In build/build.xml I can see that java files should have been excluded
> when using the jar target but there may be something else, so they get
> still included.

Can someone give me a hint why it is included even so

> executable-jar-without-main-class
> It looks like that you are shipping the prebuilt csvjdbc.jar in your
> binary package.

> codeless-jar
> Usually harmless but can indicate an error when building the package.
> itext-hyph-xml.jar should probably be a symlink to our system package of
> itext.

Where can I find "our system package of itext"

Kind regards

> classpath-contains-relative-path
> This may work as long as all your libraries are really in your lib
> directory. For instance I can't find patch.jar or metouia.jar. So you
> should carefully check whether those jar files should be present in your
> lib directory. We normally symlink to our system packages but you have
> either installed the prebuilt once or you have copied the system jar
> files to the lib directory.
> You can modify the classpath by using javahelper and a manifest file
> jverein.manifest
> usr/share/jameica/plugins/jverein/lib/lib/nc.jar:
>  Class-Path: /usr/share/java/kunststoff.jar /usr/share/java/jcalendar.jar
> and so on. We recommend absolute paths because they are unambiguous. In
> some cases relative paths will lead to build failures when other
> packages use your package as a build dependency which makes it often
> hard to debug the problem.
> So far
> Regards,
> Markus

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