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Re: Mystery meat OpenJDK builds strike again

Hi all,


It's one of the challenges, the rest of the world doesn't necessarily know about the new `-ga` tag that we use to designate releases, so we need to go and help them.

I've also replied separately to this thread (with a meeting request) but cut out the OpenJDK mailing lists as it's really the Debian distro list that we should be discussing this on. 
If folks feel otherwise, let me know and I'll CC these lists back in.

FYI - I have a call (high bandwidth is required here) with Matthias next Monday (1100UK time) so I can learn more about the Debian process and what we can do to align going forward.  I'll report back here or via a Debian ticket so the conversation and outcomes can be tracked.

if anyone else wants to join on the call then please let me know!


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