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Re: openjdk-8 re-uploaded to unstable (currently in NEW)

On 26.05.19 21:13, Matthias Klose wrote:
> The openjdk-8 packages which were unfortunately removed from unstable (although
> the issue #915620 only asked for the removal of some binaries), are now again in
> NEW, targeting unstable.  One of the FTP assistants is objecting to the upload
> to unstable, apparently because somebody (security team, Moritz?) asked to
> restore these packages in experimental instead of unstable.  Otoh, we still need
> these packages in unstable to bootstrap kotlin (yes we can bootstrap in
> experimental, but then it's not assured how to build kotlin for unstable with an
> experimental build).
> I honestly don't understand why FTP master would have such an objection, so
> please clarify what prohibits the acceptance to unstable with an RC issue to not
> propagate these packages to testing.

The packages are now accepted and the 8u212-b03 upstream version is now uploaded
as well.

The changes and buildinfo files didn't exist anymore for the powerpc, ppc64,
sparc64 and x32 binaries, so if a porter wants to restore those, please rebuild
them with manually installed openjdk-8 packages from snapshot.debian.org.


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