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Re: New Package JVerein

Hallo Mechtilde,

Am 25.05.19 um 08:51 schrieb Mechtilde:
> Can someone advise me through the steps?

I just comment on all the warnings I can find.


The upstream sources contain various jar files. We always remove them
from the upstream tarball to ensure we only build with system libraries.


Same here, I suggest to remove the .gitignore file when you repack the
tarball anyway.


This is usually quite harmless. Normally we don't ship java source files
in our binary packages except the application functions this way
(robocode) but most of the time jar files just contain class files and
some content files like images, sounds or text files. I believe there is
probably something wrong with the build system.

In build/build.xml I can see that java files should have been excluded
when using the jar target but there may be something else, so they get
still included.


It looks like that you are shipping the prebuilt csvjdbc.jar in your
binary package.


Usually harmless but can indicate an error when building the package.
itext-hyph-xml.jar should probably be a symlink to our system package of


This may work as long as all your libraries are really in your lib
directory. For instance I can't find patch.jar or metouia.jar. So you
should carefully check whether those jar files should be present in your
lib directory. We normally symlink to our system packages but you have
either installed the prebuilt once or you have copied the system jar
files to the lib directory.

You can modify the classpath by using javahelper and a manifest file


 Class-Path: /usr/share/java/kunststoff.jar /usr/share/java/jcalendar.jar

and so on. We recommend absolute paths because they are unambiguous. In
some cases relative paths will lead to build failures when other
packages use your package as a build dependency which makes it often
hard to debug the problem.

So far



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