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Re: Debian java policy and modular jar files

Hi Bill,

Le 22/01/2019 à 01:09, Bill Zaumen a écrit :

> the following commands will cause java to crash:
>       java -p /usr/share/java --list-modules
> 	java -p /usr/share/java --describe-module MODULE

I don't think this is a use case we can reasonably support. Even if
there were no symlinks in /usr/share/java it isn't rare to see two
incompatible versions of the same jar there. If such jars are modular
'java --list-modules' would complain too (modules aren't versioned

> The question is whether there is a standard location for modular
> JAR files.  I found a PDF file suggesting /usr/share/java/modules
> but that document is quite a few years old and I couldn't find any
> other documents corroborating that suggestion.

What would be the benefit of installing modular jars in a common
directory such as /usr/share/java/modules?

Emmanuel Bourg

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