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Re: deduplicating jquery/

Le 07/01/2019 à 23:02, Samuel Thibault a écrit :

> I'd rather cripple the documentation a bit than removing it :)

The issue is, we keep getting more and more javadoc related issues with
each OpenJDK upgrade. This jquery "issue" is a bit the straw that breaks
the camel's back, and we would rather cut the loss now than investing
even more time on these low popcon packages. The Java Team is
understaffed, we struggle to keep up with the JDK upgrades and update
the important packages, so the documentation issues are really low
priority items.

> Could jh_build perhaps just drop the embedded jquery copy to just avoid
> the issue? AFAIK, jquery is only used to implement the "search" feature,
> which can sometimes be convenient, but can be done by users with greps &
> such.

jh_build is only part of the picture. Most javadoc packages are
generated by Maven, so the maven-javadoc-plugin would have to be patched
as well.

Emmanuel Bourg

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