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Re: Bug#917174: davmail: FTBFS with libjackrabbit-java 2.18.0

> > unfortunately davmail fails to build from source with
> > libjackrabbit-java 2.18.0. Long deprecated methods have been removed.
> > Your package build-depends on a very old version of jackrabbit (2.4.3).

This is too much work and I'm afraid if I do not get help I'll miss
the 2019-02-12 - Soft-freeze deadline for davmail to be part of the
Debian buster release. I'll continue working on this anyhow. My work
will be regularly published at

For davmail in buster, the options are :
1) let davmail being removed from buster (because it does not work
with the newer libjackrabbit, because low popcon, because a backport
can be made available later)
2) upload a libjackrabbit-old-java compatible with davmail and build
against this (I can prepare this).
3) holding libjackrabbit-java 2.18 from reaching buster because it
breaks its only rdep.
4) fixing the 1300+ compile errors before the soft freeze and ensure
few regressions (unlikely I can do this by February as I'm learning
libhttpclient-java and the davmail codebase at the same time)

Please advice,


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