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Help needed with morfologik

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to update morfologik-stemming as a dependency of a
dependency of OmegaT.

With the new upstream version, I’m getting errors like this:

[ERROR] /tmp/morfologik-stemming/morfologik-fsa-builders/src/main/java/morfologik/fsa/builders/FSA5Serializer.java:[16,22]
morfologik.fsa.FSAHeader is not public in morfologik.fsa; cannot be
accessed from outside package

Both morfologik-fsa-builders and morfologik-fsa are part of the same
package. I’ve tried lots of things and nothing helps.

You can find the source here:

Thanks in advance!

P.S. I’m not subscribed to the list, please Cc me.


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