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Bug#916343: ITP: el-api -- Expression Language API

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Emmanuel Bourg <ebourg@apache.org>

* Package name    : el-api
  Version         : 3.0.0
  Upstream Author : Oracle
* URL             : https://github.com/javaee/el-spec/
* License         : CDDL-1.1 or GPL-2 with Classpath exception
  Programming Lang: Java
  Description     : Expression Language API

EL is a simple language designed to meet the needs of the presentation
layer in Java web applications.

It features:
 * A simple syntax restricted to the evaluation of expressions
 * Variables and nested properties
 * Relational, logical, arithmetic, conditional, and empty operators
 * Functions implemented as static methods on Java classes
 * Lenient semantics where appropriate default values and type conversions
   are provided to minimize exposing errors to end users

The EL API is already packaged in libservlet3.1-java, but this package is
tied to src:tomcat8 which won't be part of Buster. The new tomcat9 package
no longer builds the JavaEE APIs (Servlet, JSP,EL and WebSocket APIs) and
separate API packages are introduced to replace them.

This package will be maintained by the Java Team.

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