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Re: relicense the eclipse-emf/debian files from EPL-1 to Apache-2.0

Jochen Sprickerhof:
> Hi,
> eclipse-emf moved from EPL-1 to EPL-2. I would like to relicense the
> debian/ folder to Apache-2.0 to get rid of EPL-1 in there. Would you be
> ok with that?
> The current copyright is:
> Files: debian/*
> Copyright: 2010, Debian Orbital Alignment Team
> <pkg-java-maintainers@lists.alioth.debian.org>
> License: EPL-1.0
> https://salsa.debian.org/java-team/eclipse-emf/blob/master/debian/copyright#L20
> I would propose to change it to:
> Files: debian/*
> Copyright: 2010-2018, Debian Java Team <debian-java@lists.debian.org>
> License: Apache-2.0
> Cheers Jochen

Hi Jochen,

Ok, that is fine with me to relicense it. :)

If you find any other old eclipse-* packages of mine with anything
useful in them you are free to relicense the Debian packaging of those
under Apache-2 as well ("old" here being any such debian packaging dated
prior to this email).


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