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Re: Moving Eclipse forward

Le 05/07/2018 à 23:54, Vincent Privat a écrit :

> I would probably have named the first one "src:eclipse-equinox-bundles",
> unless there is a good reason not to do that.
> Same for "libequinox": why not libeclipse-equinox? It's more verbose,
> but I don't know if equinox is known outside of Eclipse?

I'm hesitating about this one too. I agree src:eclipse-equinox-bundles
and libeclipse-equinox-*-java would be slightly more consistent with the
other packages. I picked libequinox-*-java because there is already

Currently libequinox-osgi-java is built from sources fetched on Maven
Central. Maybe we could refactor it to build from it's upstream
repository (https://github.com/eclipse/rt.equinox.framework). That would
add a src:eclipse-equinox-framework package producing a
libeclipse-osgi-java package containing the org.eclipse.osgi bundle.

Emmanuel Bourg

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