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Re: Request for help: fop 2.2 / 2.3

Le 27/06/2018 à 12:30, Mathieu Malaterre a écrit :

> What should I do with:
>> dpkg --search /usr/share/maven-repo/junit/junit/*/*
> Found /usr/share/maven-repo/junit/junit/4.x/junit-4.x.pom in junit4
> Found /usr/share/maven-repo/junit/junit/3.8.2/junit-3.8.2.pom in junit
> Found /usr/share/maven-repo/junit/junit/3.x/junit-3.x.pom in junit
> Found /usr/share/maven-repo/junit/junit/4.12/junit-4.12.pom in junit4
>> dpkg --status junit4
> [error] Package junit4 (4.12) is already installed and contains a
> possible match,
> but I cannot resolve library junit:junit:jar:${junit.version} in it.

Try with the tests and the javadoc disabled. They can be enabled later.

Emmanuel Bourg

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