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Re: netty-tcnative

On 20/06/18 10:02, Emmanuel Bourg wrote:
> Hi Emilio,
> Le 20/06/2018 à 08:53, Emilio Pozuelo Monfort a écrit :
>> There is one remaining issue preventing the removal of netty-tcnative. netty
>> build-depends on libnetty-tcnative-java. Is that necessary?
> I haven't checked thoroughly but I'm afraid it is. Netty is often used
> to write SSL enabled network services and it relies on netty-tcnative.
> We should probably inspect the netty rdeps and see if they use the SSL
> related classes to have an idea of the impact of a netty-tcnative removal.

Ok, if it's used then there's no need to remove it. I was just surprised it
didn't depend on it, but only build-depended.

What we should do then is bump tcnative to 2.0 then, and make libnetty-3.9-java
depend on tcnative-1.1 if it's not compatible with 2.0. How does that sound?


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